Seminar on the production facilities of Olstas Len

24 Июня 2019

On June 14, 2019 Biofert together with BASF organized a practical seminar “Protection and nutrition systems for rape, wheat and maize” combining the demonstration of OLSTAS-Lyon fields in Chernigiv region whose land bank covers 8500 ha. Not a secret that group of companies OLSTAS-Lyon has long become a model for other farms, namely on the newest nutrition systems, introduction of innovative technologies so they are getting the stable good results. Therefore the beginning of the seminar started with the welcome speech by the Olstas_Lyon Group CEO Stanislav Kotenko, who noted selection and application of fertilizers that are capable to implement as much as possible of the plants biological potential under existing weather conditions.
Quote: “Higher price doesn’t mean more expenses. In the price list the product price can be more expensive, but you have to count not at price but on the field…” As all company products go for export so the company management is very careful to what the plants consume.

The seminar consisted on two parts:

  • Theoretical part – were presented complex solutions of plant nutrition, novelties in the fertilizer market, company plans for future cooperation.
  • Practical part – overview the Olstas-Lyon fields, where the first  Deputy of CEO Olesya Efimenko and the main agronomy Oleksandr Korogod had shown their sowing. There were not demo-fields, but working company fields on which were represented newest nutrition and protection programs for maize, rapes, wheat in industrial area. Near every field despite the hot weather were active discussions and in details were spoke about aim of using of every product and receiving effect from application.

Cooperation between Biofert and Olstas-Lyon exists more than 4 years and we are proud of it.

Olstas-Lyon applies on their fields products of such companies as Lebosol and K+S Kali that are produced in Germany and also Biofert NPK that give the best results, for example: in 2018 the yield of winter wheat was 7t/ha, it was in the period of hot weather during April-May when the average yield among the region was approximately 4-5 t/ha.

Company Biofert are grateful for trust and long cooperation. We want to inform that similar activities are planning in 2019, so follow us in Facebook, we have something to surprise you.


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