К+S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH

K + S Minerais and Agriculture GmbH GmbH is a German manufacturer with long standing traditions in the mining industry, an international leader of potash and magnesium sulfur fertilizers production. Raw material is extracted from its own mines located in Europe, Canada and Asia. Acids are not used in the production of the final product, which makes these fertilizers environmentally friendly and extremely efficient.

Production facilities include 80 factories around the world.

Fertilizers are known for their quality and 100% solubility in the water (which is an additional advantage for fertilizers with a high content of potassium).

The development history of the company has more than 125 years, which indicates a huge experience in the field of agriculture, and is a significant advantage over competitors.

The company participates in scientific research in the field of growing agricultural products, always looking for a solution to increase productivity, improve soil fertility and efficient use of fertilizers.

Today, K + S Kali GmbH runs the Institute of Applied Plant Nutrition, combining achievements of modern science with practical field applications.