A trip to Germany

02 Марта 2020

Traditionally, Biofert and our clients have visited the production of two German partner companies, such as Lebosol (production of liquid fertilizers) and K + S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH (potash and sulfur-magnesium fertilizers).
The trip have started from the meeting with representatives of K + S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH. It was a workshop and the presentation of the products, where everyone could get current tips from leading agronomists and answers to their questions. Also we have had an excursion  to the mine at a depth of 840 meters, where raw materials are extracted for fertilizer production. The total length of the mine is 4 thousands kilometers. Finally, we enjoyed a warm friendly dinner with representatives of  K + S company.
The second day begun with the meeting of Lebosol Dьnger GmbH representatives in Sembach and  a presentation of the company's products. Customers also had the opportunity to visit the lab where new products are being tested. Lebosol is one of the leading companies in Europe that has an appropriate equipment and qualified specialists for the production of formulated liquid fertilizers. Each year  the company expands its own warehouse and production, due to the growing demand for their products. Lebosol products occupies  75% of the liquid fertilizer market in Germany.
We wish to  express appreciation to our partners.  (Thank you for the warm meeting)
Lebosol and K + S Minerals and Agriculture GmbH for the warm welcome and interesting presentation materials.


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