DLG Ukraine

27 Июня 2019

On June 19-21 Company Biofert together with partner  K+S KALI participated in large-scale international exhibition DLG Ukraine that took place at Doslidnytske village. Visitors had a possibility to communicate with our foreign partner. Agronomist of K+S Hieke Theil shared with her experience and gave useful advices concerning crop nutrition systems.

Remind you that history of K+S company counts more than 125 years. It is the biggest company in Europe in  manufacturing the magnesium-potassium and magnesium-sulphate fertilizers. Mining of raw materials occurs in its own mines that are in Europe, Canada and Asia. During the fertilizer manufacturing acids are not used, that make these fertilizers ecological and effective.

Company Biofert is first official and only representative of K+S company in Ukraine. 

K+S KALI products:

 Korn-Kali (Kalium chloride with magnesium sulphate)
 Patentkali (Kalium sulphate with magnesium)
 ESTA Kieserit (magnesium sulphate granulated 25+50)
 kaliSOP (Kalium sulphate granulated 50(+42))
 soluSOP52 (Kalium sulphate water-soluble 52 (45))
 EPSO TOP (magnesium sulphate)
 EPSO Microtop (magnesium sulphate + В+ Mn)
 EPSO Combitop (magnesium sulphate + Zn+ Mn).

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