BIOFERT held a production meeting

31 Июля 2019

Company Biofert held the meeting in an informal ambience where first half results were analyzed and  prosperous plans for the second half. When we plan the work for the season we can change the strategy, territory, customize the logistics etc., but there are things that always be the same:  good quality, reliable and long lasting cooperation, and good results on your fields. So based on main rules of our work we are definitely satisfied with ourselves.

Dear farmers, join to our friendly company.
The only official distributor in Ukraine of the most powerful German fertilizer producer:

  • Lebosol (one of three European companies that has proper equipment and qualified experts for producing high qualitative liquid fertilizers which are sold in 35 countries around the world)
  • K+S (the biggest European country producing potassium and magnesium-sulfate fertilizers).

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