Production capacity of K + S Kali

20 Марта 2019

Company Biofert together with partners visited salt mines of the biggest producer in the world of Kalium fertilizers – K+S KALI. Production capacities count 80 factories through the world. Fertilizers of K+S company are famous by its quality, 100% solubility (that has additional advantage having high Kalium contents for fertilizers). During stay our partners:

  • went down to the mine on 800 meters (Kieserite mining occurs at depths up to 1200m);
  • visited farm with a total area of 4176 ha. This farm goes in for crops, livestock, produces its own goods (dairy, pasta and meat products);

They also have 2400 cows, 1000 calf, 1400 pigs and poultry. One cow gives 10000 l of milk per year. Poultry gives 4 mln eggs per year. Also produce own bio-energy from remains of bio-mass 4,5 mln  sq/year.

  • Have met  K+S KALI representatives. Received relevant advices from leading experts, got information about production features and fertilizers effects, got acquainted with company history that counts more than 125 years. During the negotiation K+S KALI agronomists shared their own experience in growing, gave recommendations concerning possible yield increasing and gave answers to all questions.
  • All this finished by the city walking and friendly dinner with K+S KALI representatives.

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