Molybdan Organic
215 g/l
Producing country:
Product configuration:
Packing: 1l/10l
Product Description:

Molybdan  is a liquid highly concentrated fertilizer with a high molybdenum content.

Molybdenum availability is low on light and acidic soils (sandy half-bog soils, highmoor soils, garden mould and nutrient substratums) as well as during dryness. Molybdenum deficiency is shown mainly on younger leaves, but also by chlorosis in older leaves. The leaf-edges get necrosis fast and curl, the leaf laminas are reduced, partially only with growing leaf veins. In general you can notice a reduced growth with lightened leaves and a tendency to wither. You can observe the formation of deformed leaves in cauliflower.


  • The purity of the raw material makes it safe for use and ensures that the final product meet all quality standards.
  • Instantly assimilated by the plant.
  • It is compatible with the common plant protection products.

Recommendations for application:

All crops

Recommended application

Legumes (including soya)

1 – 2 times 0,25 l/ha from 6-leaf stage


0,25 l/ha in autumn  from 6-leaf stage;

2 times 0,25 l/ha in spring from the start of vegetetion through to the beginning of flowering

Sugar beet

0,25 l/ha from 6-leaf stage


1 – 2 times 0,25 l/ha once sufficient leaf mass has developed


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