Aminosol Organic
115 g/l
15 g/l
Amino acids
66.3 %
Producing country:
Product configuration:
Packing: 10 l
Product Description:

Aminosol is an organic nitrogen fertilizer with high content of amino acids.


  • Amino acids are the constituents of protein, carbohydrates, chlorophyll etc. and are very well absorbed by the leaf and integrated in the photosynthesis. In that way the plant doesn’t receive – as usually – the necessary nutrients in form of separate parts (nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water), but directly complete constituents.
  • Is suited for seed dressing.
  • Stimulates the plant growth particularly in stress-situations.
  • Promotes additional moisture and therefore improve efficiency and compatibility of plant protection products and fertilizers.
  • Some amino acids are auxin constituents and therefore support cell division and root development.
  • Has a wetting/sticking effect.
  • Strengthens the plant and protects against stress (winter hardiness).
  • Has a specific odour which game animals find unpleasant.

Recommendations for application:

All crops

Recommended applications

Yields, frost resistance

1 – 2 times 2 l/ha Aminosol® (best effect in combination with 1 l/ha Lebosol®-Robustus SC + 5 l/ha Lebosol®- Kalium 450).

Improvement the effectiveness and tolerability of post-emergence herbicide sprays, yields, vitality

1 – 2 l/ha with post-emergence herbicides, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Increasing stress tolerance

1 – 2 time 2- 3 l/ha in the event of stress . Upon application with backpack sprayer 0,3 – 0,5 %.

Improvement the effectiveness of plant protection products

150 – 300 ml per 100 l spray water with the plant protection products.

Treated crops are avoided by furred game

Mix 2 l Aminosol with 2 l water з 2 – 3 days beforehand (quantity for 1 ha).


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