Schwefel 800 OD

Schwefel 800 OD Foliar
800 g/l
Ефірне масло
Producing country:
Product configuration:
aqeuous solution
Packing: 10 l
Product Description:

Schwefel 800 OD is a highly concentrated liquid fertilizer which prevents and alleviates sulfur deficiency and is the most active means of protecting against mice.


  • Provides the plant with sulfur, protects against mice. It is especially important for winter crops.
  • Important for regulation of nitrogen within the plant.
  • Improves oil synthesis in oilseeds.
  • Sulfur, as a component of gluten, is involved in the formation of amino acids.
  • Affects yield, energy value, protein content and grain quality, especially in cereals.
  • Perfectly assimilated by the plant.
  • Caution when mixing with plant protection products, perform tank mix test before application.

Recommendations for application:

All crops

Recommended application

Prevention and elimination of sulfur deficiency

1% solution with foliar fertilizer (2-5 l/ha).

Soil dressing – to protect fields against mice

Start of emergence 1 – 2 l (300 l of water), next stages 2 – 5 l/ha. The duration is 15 -20 days. Repeat, if it is necessary.




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