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molybdenum fertilizer solution
Contents: 15,6 % water soluble molybdenum (214 g/l Mo)
Density: 1,37 kg/l
pH-value: 7,6
Colour: blue
Lebosol-Molybdän is compatible with the common plant protection products. Since not all the influences appearing in practice are predictable, a compatibility test with small amounts of the products provided for the spraying is always useful. In case of mixture with fertilizers or plant protection products fill sprayer up to 2/3 with water and add products separately. Always add Lebosol®-Molybdän as the last component.

Active ingredient

The active substance of the product and its effects
Molybdenum availability is low on light and acidic soils (sandy half-bog soils, highmoor soils, garden mould and nutrient substratums) as well as during dryness.

Molybdenum deficiency is shown mainly on younger leaves, but also by chlorosis in older leaves. The leaf-edges get necrosis fast and curl, the leaf laminas are reduced, partially only with growing leaf veins ("whiptail" symptoms) . In general you can notice a reduced growth with lightened leaves and a tendency to wither. In cauliflower you can observe the formation of deformed leaves (shape of hook).


Crop Objective Recommendation
In all crops molybdenum supply 0,25 l/ha as a foliar application in at least 200 l water in case of application with knapsack sprayer 0,05 - 0,1 %.
Crucifers, leaf vegetables, bulbous vegetables against deformed leaves (shape of hook), "whiptail" symptoms, supply with molybdenum 1 - 2 x 0,25 l/ha as soon as enough leaves are developed
Rape against "whiptail" symptoms, supply with molybdenum 1 - 2 x 0,25 l/ha from beginning of shooting onwards
Sugar against deformed leaves (shape of hook), "whiptail" symptoms, supply with molybdenum 0,25 l/ha between 6 leaf stage and meeting across the rows