10 л


Authorization as wetter/sticker
Contents: 60 % hydrolysed protein from meat and bone extract; 39,83 % water; 0,17 % preservatives
Density: 1,23 kg/l
pH-value: 5 - 7
Colour: brown
Aminosol is compatible with the common plant protection products. Since not all the influences appearing in practice are predictable, a compatibility test with small amounts of the products provided for the spraying is always useful. In case of mixture with fertilizers or plant protection products fill sprayer up to 2/3 with water and add products separately. Always add Aminosol® diluted in water as the last component.
In closed packing, protected from direct light, at temperatures between 5 °C and 35°C, storage is possible for several years.

Active ingredient

The active substance of the product and its effects
Aminosol reduces the surface-tension of water, improves the wetting of water-repellent surfaces, produces a more regular distribution of the spray liquid on the plant, at the same time it increases the adhesion of the spray coating and buffers the pH-value of the spray liquid. Aminosol has an excellent plant compatibility, reduces the formation of spraying stains and supports shiny leaves. Aminosol has particular advantages in sensitive crops, aggressive plant protection products and fertilizers, herbicide sprayings, plant protection measures with the risk of moderate success, in fight against red spider and gall mites as well as pear suckers, at fungicide applications in crops with greasy leaves like garlic and crucifers.


Crop Objective Recommendation
In all crops improvement of efficiency and compatibility of plant protection and foliar fertilization treatments, pH-value buffering of the spray mixture 150 - 300 ml per 100 l water (at 0,15 - 0,3 %) with plant protection and foliar fertilizer treatments
Fruit growing improvement of efficiency of calcium chloride sprays 1 - 2 l/ha with the calcium chloride sprays
Fruit growing, vines regular wetting and absorption of iron 1 l/ha with the foliar iron fertilizer
Arable farming, vegetable growing improvement of efficiency of post-emergence herbicide treatment, wetting/ sticking effect 1 - 2 l/ha with the post-emergence herbicides
improvement of efficiency of fungicide sprayings at 0,15 - 0,3 % with the fungicides