Crucifers, leaf vegetables, bulbous vegetables

Objective Recommendation Moment
Root formation, taking roots, initial development immerse plants in a 1% solution Aminosol or water alternatively with 5 - 10 l/ha before new planting or alternatively 7 - 10 days after planting
Improvement of efficiency and compatibility of post-emergence herbicide treatment, output 1 - 2 l/ha Aminosol
with post-emergence herbicides, especially in extreme weather conditions
Leaf quality, leaf colour, photosynthesis, supply with magnesium 1 - 2 x 2 - 4 l/ha Lebosol-Magnesium500 as soon as enough leaves are developed
Leaf quality, initial development, supply with zinc 0,5 - 1 l/ha Lebosol-Zink700 as soon as enough leaves are developed
Inner quality, against heart necrosis in cabbage, supply with boron 1 - 2 x 2 - 3 l/ha Lebosol-Bor as soon as enough leaves are developed
Against deformed leaves (shape of hook), "whiptail" symptoms, supply with molybdenum 1 - 2 x 0,25 l/ha Lebosol-Molybdän as soon as enough leaves are developed
Game animals avoid crops treated with Aminosol 2 l/ha Aminosol mix 2 - 3 days before with 2 l water when required
Improvement of efficiency of plant protection treatments 150 - 300 ml Aminosol per 100 l water with plant protection treatments
Reduction of stress 2 - 3 l/ha Aminosol
in case of stress, several applications with little application rates increase the efficiency