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Magnesium nitrate
Magnesium nitrate – is Magnesium and Nitrate Nitrogen mineral water-soluble fertilizer. Ideally clean Magnesium nitrate.
Magnesium MgO - 15,5%
Nitrate NitrogenN - 11%
Magnesium nitrate is water-soluble and can be used together with Calcium Nitrate. Not caking, easy to use. Mixable with other fertilizers.


Magnesium Nitrate is used for root and foliar fertilization of vegetables and other horticultural crops and wine yards. Magnesium Nitrate is not burning leaves in horticultural crops. Product has high efficiency as foliar fertilizers on the plants deficient in Mg. The best source of Mg in greenhouses. Free from additives and not soluble parts.


Greenhouses: 0,01-0,1 %-solution (0,1-1 kg/1000 l water)
Open field: 0,1% - 0,2%-solution (1-2 kg/1000 l water)
Foliar: 1% solution (1 kg / 100 l water)