Magnesium sulphate


10, 20 л
1000 л
10 кг


Сульфат магнію
Magnesium sulphate – is Magnesium and Sulphur mineral water-soluble fertilizer. Ideally clean Magnesium sulphate
Magnesium MgO - 16% - (min)
Sulphur SO3 - 32% - (min)
Magnesium sulphate can be mixed with all watersoluble fertilizers, except those containing Calcium.


  • Registered and allowed to be use in Ukraine;
  • Good source of Magnesium and Sulphur ;
  • Fully watersoluble and recomended for foliar applications for crops deficient in Magnesium and Sulphur;
  • To be applied in soluble form, with irrigated water in all arable crops in open field and greenhouses;
  • Recomended for foliar application;
  • Magnesium sulohate is chlorine and Sodium free, contains no heavy metals.


greenhouses: 0,01-0,1 %-solution (0,1-1 kg/1000 l water)
open field: 0,1% - 0,2%-solution (1-2 kg/1000 l water)