K + S Kali GmbH is a German manufacturer of fertilizers with long-standing traditions in the mining industry, an international leader in Kalium fertilizer production.

The history of the company has more than 125 years of experience, that shows a huge experience in the agriculture sphere.



Lebosol® has more than 20 years experience producing liquid fertilizers for foliar application. During this time, these products has become leaders of a market share both in Germany and in whole Europe. Lebosol® is in constant search of ways to improve fertilizer production process to keep the quality on the highest level. As a result, you get an opportunity to notably increase land productivity of crops.



The "Alwernia" SA Chemical Company, established in 1923 as a private factory, has become one of the founders for the Polish chemical industry. Nowadays, it is a reliable supplier, that is recognized in the European market manufacturing products for domestic and international clients involved in different branches of industry. During many years of its existence, applied technologies have been systematically improved. The offer of manufactured products was continuously extended. Thanks to this approach, Alwernia has introduced the list of products, that had not been manufactured in Poland so far. At the same time, the quality, physical and chemical properties of our products are also in compliance with client's preferences and requirements. At present, "Alwernia" SA Chemical Company specializes in three production profiles:

  • Phosphorus compounds;
  • Agricultural fertilizers;
  • Chromium compounds.

Moreover, in last years the Company has also introduced new products to the market:

  • Calcium nitrate;
  • Magniesium nitrate;
  • Sodium nitrate;
  • Monopotassium phosphate.



ADOB was established back in 1990 and since then, it has been developing dynamically in the areas of:

  • Production of micronutrient fertilizers and inorganic chemicals
  • International trade in fertilizers and chemical raw materials
  • Implementation of new environment friendly fertilization technologies
  • Research on new products and technologies for agriculture and the chemical industry

In the field of research and development the team of highly qualified engineers is constantly working on innovative technologies and products, which allows to submit patent applications and bring new alternatives to the market. Today, ADOB has two production sites, one in Poznań and the other in Zakłady Chemiczne Złotniki in Wrocław. Moreover, the second factory in Wrocław has become one of the leading manufacturers of magnesium sulphate, high quality calcium nitrate and the world`s biggest supplier of magnesium nitrate. Biofert LTD distributes all these products, for customers in Ukraine.