Novelties from Lebosol

LLC “Biofert” began supplying a new product line - liquid complex fertilizers (LCF) NutriPlant produced by a German company Lebosol Dünger GmbH.

We present such fertilizer formulas:

NutriPlant NPK 5-20-5 +ME

NutriPlant NPK 6-12-6 + ME

NutriPlant NPK 8-8-6 + ME

NutriPlant NPK 12-4-6 + ME

NutriPlant N 27% MgO 3% + ME


NutriPlant fertilizers are destined for complex nutrition with a different combination of NPK depending on the culture and phase of development, with additional content of macro- and microelements on a chelate basis. NutriPlant fertilizers are intended to foliar fertilizing.

We also offer you the fertilizers with a lot of concentration of nutrients  for foliar fertilizing.

- Calphos N 40g / l P2O5 315g / l CaO 55g / l

- Magphos N 45g / l P2O5 450g / l MgO 100g / l

- Magnesium-Plus N 140g / l K2O 70g / l + ME

- Kalium-Plus N 40g / l K2O 250g / l + ME

The fertilizers are destined for fast and effective correction of the deficiency of a specific element in the plant.